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REMINDER: New York Battleground House Republicans Have Extensive Anti-Abortion Records

From the New York State Democratic Committee, April 11, 2024.

  • NY Battleground House GOP Members All Support Donald Trump and His Role in Dismantling Abortion Rights Across the Country

  • NY Battleground House GOP Members Have All Voted to Restrict Reproductive Rights While In Congress

NEW YORK – This week, Donald Trump once again made it clear that he is responsible and proud of his role in overturning Roe v. Wade and the resulting abortion bans that have taken hold in over 20 states since.

New York’s battleground House Republicans, Mike Lawler, Marc Molinaro, Brandon Williams, Anthony D'Esposito, and Nick LaLota, have all endorsed Donald Trump – aligning themselves with the former president and his record of dismantling abortion rights and freedom for millions of women.

While New York’s House Republicans attempt to hide their anti-abortion records on the campaign trail, they all stand with Donald Trump and have already voted to restrict reproductive rights while in Congress.


As a reminder, here are the facts:


Brandon Williams

  • Co-sponsored H.R.7, an anti-abortion bill that would rip away access to abortion for millions of New Yorkers, including veterans. Williams also voted for anti-choice legislation that would imprison doctors and create barriers to care.

  • Proudly supported abortion bans, calling himself “the pro-life candidate…without any qualification” and celebrated the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision proclaiming it a “monumental victory” and a “historic day in the battle against abortion.”

  • Voted for the Agriculture-FDA appropriation bill that includes a provision that would place a nationwide restriction on abortion access by outlawing mifepristone. 

Marc Molinaro 

Mike Lawler

  • Voted for anti-abortion legislation in Congress multiple times, including restricting abortion care nationally for servicemembers and their families.

  • Voted to block consideration of the Women’s Health Protection Act, which would codify abortion rights nationally.

  • Supported the overturning of Roe v. Wade, leading to abortion bans across the country. 

Anthony D'Esposito

  • Praised the Supreme Court for overturning Roe v. Wade and supports allowing states to ban abortion without exceptions for rape, incest, or even if the woman’s life is in danger. 

  • Voted to pass anti-choice legislation in one of his first acts after being sworn in to Congress.

  • Previously let it slip that he would likely vote for a national abortion ban.

Nick LaLota

  • Voted for federal legislation to restrict reproductive care nationally for servicemembers and their families.

  • Joined the far-right Republican Study Committee that released its budget endorsing a national abortion ban without exceptions, which could also ban IVF

  • Supported the overturning of Roe v. Wade, stating, “government has an obligation to protect the unborn.”

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