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Voter Registration: the "Address Where You Live" vs. the "Address Where You Receive Mail"

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

For some people, the "address where you live" and the "address where you receive mail" are one and the same. And for others, the addresses are not the same. A person votes according to where they live, not where they get their mail.

The "address where you live" is best described as the 9-1-1 address that you'd give for an emergency. If the address you'd give to get the fire department to your house is the same as your mailing address, then you only need to record the "address where you live" on the form.

See below for examples where both sections would need to be filled out:

Instructions if both sections need to be filled out:

Address where you live (same as for a 9-1-1 emergency):

325 Irish Settlement Road

Pierrepont, NY 13625 (13625 is actually a Colton zip code)

There is no post office in Pierrepont, so this person's mailing address might be one of these:

325 Irish Settlement Road

Colton, NY 13625 (the person receives mail at home in Pierrepont that came from the Colton Post Office)

P.O. Box 321

Colton, NY 13625 (the person who actually lives in Pierrepont picks up mail at Colton Post Office)

Whichever is correct should be recorded for the "address where you receive mail." This will be the address where this person would receive voting information (dates, location, etc.).

In Pierrepont, people can have a mailing address for Colton, Canton, or Potsdam, depending on where they are located in the town.

All will vote in the Town of Pierrepont in one of two districts. A postcard will be sent to the newly registered voter informing them of where to vote.

This is similar in other parts of St. Lawrence County. If you are unsure, please call the Board of Elections at 315-379-2202 to ask for help.

Special thanks to Ginger Storey-Welch, 1st Vice Chair, for these instructions.

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