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NY-21 Dem. candidate Paula Collins, "Enough is Enough"

"I'm supporting the Biden/Harris ticket with everything I’ve got. I hope you are too."

From NY-21 Democratic candidate Paula Collins, July 9, 2024

"We should be talking about the proposed bans on contraception. We should be adding protections for federal civil service workers. We should be safeguarding the EPA and other environmental regulations. We should be staving off any efforts to dismantle Title I and the Department of Education.  We should be explaining that the recent SCOTUS decisions are not random; they are the result of years of strategizing and are a mere foreshadowing of things to come.  We should be telling the voters exactly what dangers are triggered in a Trump presidency through Project 2025.

Instead we are doing that thing that Democrats do, which is to analyze ad nauseum. This crisis du jour is the question of whether Biden is fit to stay on the ticket. 

No comparable candidate exists.

Enough is enough.  

Fourteen million Americans took time out of their day to go to the polls and cast a vote for Joe Biden in the Democratic Presidential Primary. I was one of them. I’ll be pretty angry if they decide to set aside my vote because Joe underperformed in the 90 minute debate. 

A grand total of 6 House Democrats have called for Biden to step aside. That’s out of 213 total. 

Why isn’t the headline something like, “Here are the 207 House Democrats calling for Biden to stay in the race”? Or how ‘bout this for a headline: “Reminder – We can’t just Decide to Disenfranchise Voters, Willy-Nilly”.

Meanwhile, every single syllable uttered by Joe Biden is re-played and transcribed (sometimes inaccurately) for Lay-Z-Boy speech therapists and self-proclaimed neurologists to assess. If I were Joe Biden, I’d be in fetal position by now just from the unrelenting stares and squawks. For goodness sakes, have you ever watched how many times the MSNBC journalists stutter and splutter, and “uh…uh…uh…” some of them are literally half Joe Biden’s age?

We haven’t seen a comparable media frenzy since another Democrat – Hillary Clinton – had the audacity to collapse from pneumonia after she had been shredded in the press for her emails. Or was that before? The swarming swirling media muddles the memory. 

If you must know the results of Biden’s neurological exam, please cast your gaze here. It’s amusing to me that the report is on the same landing page in which there is an Executive Order on prevention of access to personal data. Sorry Joe, I guess that right to privacy does not include the executive himself. 

Yes, I am concerned about the President’s age. But I’m more concerned about our party loyalties that give life to this movement to kick to the curb the most successful president in recent history, largely due to the 24/7 news cycle that is honed in on Joe Biden’s cognitive health. 

I dare any of the armchair politicians to run the executive office at the same time they are campaigning – not just for votes, but for favorable treatment in the press. 

The polls have settled down, if they moved at all. Horrifying as it is, we are still within the margin of error of the convicted felon. 

As for the debate, I’m not sure I could have kept my wits about me for 90 seconds in the same room with Donald Trump, much less for 90 minutes. Chances are pretty high that you couldn't have, either. Most of us lose all manner of reason just seeing Trump’s image or hearing his voice on television. 

Abraham Lincoln, addressing the Illinois State House in June of 1858, said “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

We can look across the Atlantic to our French allies to fully understand the importance of forming a united front against the far right extremists.  

The June 28, 2024 debate was 130 days from the November 5 election.  We have now lost 10 days and just as many sleepless nights on the question of whether Biden should drop out. 

Enough is enough. We have an election to win. The divisions within the party are not helpful.

I'm supporting the Biden/Harris ticket with everything I’ve got. I hope you are too."

If we haven’t met yet, I am Paula Collins, the Democratic and Working Families Party Candidate for New York’s 21st Congressional District. Your comments are invaluable to me. Please let me hear from you. Remember that you can always visit my website at or by sending me a text at 315-230-3920.

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