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Is President Biden a Super-Ager?

"Experts say "age is a number, not a quality" -- even for the president."

"It's no secret that at 81, President Biden is the oldest sitting president in U.S. history. And whether the current front runners for either party win the election later this year, Biden or Donald Trump would be the oldest president on record. Many people have raised concerns about the candidates' ages and whether they are too old to run for president.

However, a recent op-ed published in The Hill weighed in on whether President Biden is actually a super-ager -- someone generally older than 80 who has cognitive and physical function higher than their peers, more akin to people decades younger -- and argued that framing Biden in particular as 'too old' is both ageist and politically motivated."

Read the full article by Rachael Roberson on MedPage Today.

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