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Be a Voter!

From Alan Stern, Chair of the NY Washington County Dems:

"As New York early voting begins and the countdown to November 7 ticks away, this special edition [newsletter] is devoted to the important elections taking place.

Elections have entered a new era in New York. Where once there was a single day when we could cast our votes, and absentee balloting was more restrictive, we now enjoy the flexibility that early and no-excuse absentee voting opportunities have given us.

But expanded opportunities are only meaningful when every one of us chooses to seize them and decides to BE A VOTER.

Being a voter is not complicated, but it does require a few things. We need to know who the candidates are, what they stand for, their vision for the communities they seek to serve, their qualifications for the offices for which they are running, and what demonstrates that they really listen to us, their constituents. We believe our candidates are those people and we ask you to cast your votes for them.

Our ballots often include proposals - sometimes regarding proposed changes to law, as is the case this year, or budget items and expenditures in villages, towns, and counties. It's your opportunity to lend your voice to the conversation about how your government operates.

Being a voter also requires that you know your options for casting your ballot and the important dates that assure that your votes are in and can be counted.

There are elements out there - we all know who they are - who would just as soon have as many voters as possible stay on the sidelines. Some are even working to make it harder to vote. We can protect our own place at the table, and do an important thing to protect the rights of others in our own towns, county, state, and elsewhere in our tumultuous nation.

We can each decide to BE A VOTER!"

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