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April 2023 Newsletter - SLC Dems at Work!

A letter from the Committee Chair, Mike Zagrobelny:

Spring has sprung, and your elected Democratic leaders are working hard to revive NY! Welcome to the 2nd edition of the St. Lawrence County Democratic Committee newsletter. Our new committee has been hard at work to improve communication and outreach to all Democrats across St. Lawrence County. Our revamped St. Lawrence County Democratic Committee website and SLC Dems Facebook page are updated almost daily to highlight the great work that your elected Democratic representatives are doing for you. Did you reads about the work Senator Gillibrand is doing for senior citizens and the economic development work of Senator Schumer?

Many thanks to the committee members, candidates, and Board of Elections workers for gathering signatures and completing yet another petition season. 2023 is a year dedicated to local elections, so keep an eye out for caucuses to appoint candidates in villages and a few towns. Local government is the place that often makes the most immediate impact on our daily lives. We need to ensure that we have elected officials that represent our values.

Speaking of values, a committee led by 1st Vice-chair Ginger Storey-Welch has been working hard to update the mission and vision statements for the county committee. Those documents are important to provide a path for representation and to demonstrate our unique perspective in St. Lawrence County, while at the same time uniting us.

My first goal as Chair of the county committee has been to replace bickering and mudslinging between parties with reasonable conversation and the concrete accomplishments of the Democrats—locally, statewide, and nationally. We should all be interested in good government that provides for its citizens, listens to constituents, and does not engage in petty partisanship. Our “Elevate the Conversation” series is a first step in achieving that goal. We had a great turn-out for the first session with former editor of the Glens Falls Post-Star, Ken Tingley and are busily planning for our next speaker.

Please put these other upcoming events on your calendar:

Summer Potluck Picnic – Aug. 17; Harvest Dinner – Oct. 19;

Election Day - Nov. 7; Toy Drive – Dec. 14

My second goal as Chair is to increase outreach and fundraising for our county candidates and local initiatives. Our traditional fundraisers of the Fall Harvest Dinner and Resource Guide have provided great benefits, but as we reach out further, I encourage you to make donations directly through our St. Lawrence Dems ActBlue account on our new website. This allows for small dollar and recurring donations that will help us continue the great work of our county committee.

As always, I thank you for your commitment to the Democratic values that we all share and for your commitment to the St. Lawrence County Democratic Committee. Do you have an idea to increase involvement or want to volunteer? Feel free to reach out to me personally with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.

In Solidarity,

Mike Zagrobelny, Chair

St. Lawrence County Democratic Committee

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